More Robots, More Jobs

The robotics industry is well into a multi-year expansion in both unit sales and overall robot capabilities. Consequently, the return on investment (ROI) is easier to reach. Add to that the trend in robots becoming less expensive and we’re set to see continued robot growth through 2018 and beyond.

The employment environment is also favoring robots. In many areas of North America, we’re at virtually full employment. During labor scarcity, robots can help with low-skill manufacturing or logistics tasks. Also, as robots become easier to configure, companies can deploy robotics without having to hire highly skilled control programmers.

Cost is a huge factor in convincing manufacturers and warehouse managers to try robots. In 2018, investment will be less expensive, and the return will come more quickly.

“Companies using robots are realizing better and faster return on investments, and I think that’s why the robotics is growing rapidly. We will break records this year as we have every year since the end of the great recession,” Bob Doyle, director of communications at Association for Advancing Automation, told Design News. “Robots are less expensive. companies are using smaller robots that are cheaper. That includes collaborative robots as well as other small robots that are not as collaborative.”

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